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Life is exhausting.

It just isn’t what you expect it to be.

And there is no way to

prepare yourself for it.


You just have to jump in,

head first, or you get pushed in,

is probably the more accurate reality of it all.


I feel like All of the ideas and preconceptions about everything

have been swept away by the wind and the water,

and what is left over is what life is.

You’re treading water, just to stay alive.

I guess sometimes you could float on your back.


So what do you do?

You can only just focus on the things you can get that you want.

Scrape together those moments of beautiful perfection and nothingness,

and revel in them.


Is it a sickness?

So don’t you just hate being told what to do?  I do.  It drives me crazy.  I’m really odd about it.  I can’t stand being told what to do.

One example which might seem unusual is that I hate those inspirational quotes which say:

Go out there and make the most of your life!


I take it as an accusation and an instruction and I hate both.  You can’t tell me what to do, mother f.  So don’t even try.  How you you know I’m not already making the most of my life, you presumptuous p**ck.  So f off, and take your inspiration with you.

I don’t like pushiness.  I do not respond well to being pushed.

Another example is that when, say, you are running a race, and people shout encouragement?  I really don’t like that.  They shout: go on!  Keep going!

It drives me insane.  It makes me want to sit down in protest, to spite them.

I think it’s a sickness.  What do you think?  I’m definitely not normal.


Taking your mind off it

I don’t think I am a patient person.  I suppose it depends what it is you are waiting for.  But today I thought I would go down a list of things to do or to think about doing, to take your mind off what ever it is that is driving you mental 🙂

  1. Reading books is good
  2. Kissing
  3. Watching television
  4. eat some chocolate
  5. make  a drawing
  6. make a comic book
  7. make a novel
  8. make a jigsaw puzzle
  9. make a cake
  10. go for a walk
  11. plant  a tree
  12. put on a fashion show
  13. build a bridge (using blocks or books or anything you can pile up
  14. make a fort
  15. write a movie
  16. write a tv series
  17. create characters and decide every aspect of them
  18. make a pizza
  19. make a sculpture
  20. make a new outfit
  21. make a map
  22. make a time capsule
  23. write a letter
  24. write an essay
  25. write a book report
  26. bury those in the garden
  27. paint your finger nails and your toes
  28. take a bath
  29. go swimming
  30. make a rockery
  31. take all the rocks out of your rockery (if you already had a rockery)
  32. pick an actor and watch every film they ever were in
  33. play with dolls
  34. clean your house
  35. do laundry
  36. get on with your life
  37. because it doesn’t really matter
  38. one way or another
  39. didn’t you ever want something
  40. so bad, and then not get it, and
  41. realise it didn’t matter?
  42. Or didn’t you ever get exactly
  43. what
  44. you wanted, only to find you didn’t want
  45. it at all?
  46. Doc Hollywood, am I right?
  47. Or maybe the Matrix…
  48. That’s fun – think of all the films you
  49. can, related to a theme of some sort.
  50. In this case, getting something you thought you wanted.


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VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

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