Rewriting Pirates of the Caribbean

Ok, walk with me people.   Think about Pirates of the Caribbean.


Which, I loved, by the way.  Forget the sequels.  First one: You’ve had all the stuff about stuff, you’re in the basement, Jack and Will are sword fighting, remember?  (I wouldn’t have that poor donkey in the remake.) 


Anyway, in this remake, the two of them would be sword fighting, and then, suddenly, they realise that they shouldn’t be fighting, but kissing!


Of course they should.  They fall into a passionate embrace and it is very romantic.


The rest of the film could continue, as they are both caring, and so they will still want to rescue what’s her name.


But the romance is between Will and Jack, and they live happily ever after in a boat.


See, it makes more sense this way to me.  I would believe it more.  There’s hate between Will and Jack, and hate is fire, and fire is passion, and passion is love.  Any who, that’s what I think.

Questions?  Comments?