Some people

Here is a poem I made out of some pieces of writing which I did after a strange conversation!  All of the links are to different recipes and blogs which I like, complete lucky dip, just pick one, and try it!  Most of them lead to either vegan cakes, cookies, several lead to donuts, and a few lead to vegan burgers!

I think you will probably want to open the links in a new tab, so that you can peruse them all.


Some people are

and that is true.

I am me, and you are you,

but you’re crazy, and it’s.

Dear Sandy,

didn’t want

you should


nobody sang out

So perhaps,

you should try to stop eating the death on your plate,

and you might feel a lot better.

It’s not my fault

you started a conversation you didn’t want to have.

Follow the love xxxx

tell you why,

was why?

So I can understand your confusion, 

you should probably take a vacation.



Typewriter spies


I’m very into mystery stories right now – Violet has got me into them, with her sister’s mystery story, all conspiracy theories and what not, written with a typewriter on pieces of paper.  It’s got a hustle and bustle of a Sherlock Holmes story, although nobody’s dead yet.  And it’s really funny.  So, I’m in the mood for a montage!


I’m so sick of you, and all the things you do.  Stop being nice, stop trying to help, stop talking, stop breathing, just stop.


You.  You are in my head and in my home, and you make me insane.


You make my head hurt, you make my skin crawl.  You pull at all the little threads and then you start again.

victorian photography girl

You talk all the time, but you never listen.  You contradict, which is rude, you interrupt, which is ruder.


You make me want to scream.  And it is all your fault.  Just for being you.