Petition Challenge: Day Four!

Make Raystede Vegan

Raystede Governance

Raystede claims to be at the forefront of best practice when it comes to governance and yet they have been operating in contravention of the charity’s governing documents for nearly twenty years – ie since they opened the cafe.

When the charity was set up more than fifty years ago their governing documents stated:

Articles of Association, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare
1. Objects:
1.1 The objects of the charity are
(1) To prevent and relieve cruelty to animals and to protect them from unnecessary suffering and to promote and encourage a knowledge and love of animals and of their proper care and treatment.

When we pointed out to them that they were acting in contravention of Article 1 by serving animal products in the cafe they ignored us.  They ignored us for years until they could take it no more – then they changed their articles of association!!!!!!

Instead of…

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Tome Topple Readathon – To Be Read

A tome is a book which is especially large, heavy and scholarly.  In this readathon, it is classified as a book of five hundred pages or more.

Here are the books I am going to read!





The Illuminae has an awesome cover, and sounds like it’s going to be very exciting and fun, and it’s part of a series, which is one of the multiple challenges of the readathon!

It boasts five hundred and ninety nine pages!  So it will be a very thick read.





My second choice is this one, by Stephen King:



Which I have thought about reading before, it’s a time travel sci fi, but I didn’t partly because it’s really long, so here is a good chance to make myself get on with it!


It goes above and beyond the five hundred page requirement, to eight hundred and forty nine pages! Wow. 😉







Now, you are supposed to read a graphic novel, as a break during this readathon, so I thought I would read Maddicts,




which is a great book from the teenager section of Violet’s Veg*n eComics, and I’m really looking forward to that.  This isn’t to say I haven’t read it before, I’m going to re read it.  There’s nothing in the rules about the books having to be new to you, just that you have to read them.  This is an ebook, so I think that is also one of the challenges, I can’t remember.

NB if you are Googling it, Google “Maddicts comic”




And then I will finish off my readathon by reading A Discovery of Witches!



Which I hope will be as fun and interesting as it sounds!  This is not too long, at five hundred and seventy nine pages.










So I hope you will join me on the tome topple readathon, it’s going to be fun!  It runs (I think) from the 7th to the 20th of April!  (Why so short?  I don’t know!)

What are you going to read?

Happy reading!


The chase

Break free Venus!

Violet's Vegan Comics

For the story so far click here 🙂


So, while the rest of the wild animals hastened their escape, Venus climbed on top of the wreck.

to be continued …


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The best things to read and watch, with scuba diving, complex maths, comic books and friendship and chocolate vegan snacks

What am I reading?

I am reading a few different things right now, I’m reading the daily comic, Venus Aqueous, which is the fifth episode of the series.  In this episode, which is called Prison Break, I think, the protagonists, Venus, Jean, Adi and Joe are going undercover in order to infiltrate a prison, and rescue it’s inmates who are being wrongly detained.  It’s very funny, exciting, and moving and sad too.  There is a lot of humour throughout, which keeps the adventures cheerful, even though they are dealing with some serious issues.

You can read them for free at Violet’s Veg*n Comics, or you can buy the books on Amazon, except this is a new story, so I don’t know if you can get the paperbacks yet.

Venus is the main character, she has the supernatural power to understand fishes, whales, porpoises, sharks, turtles, anyone who lives in the sea, or would live in the sea.

I won’t say too much, because I’ve probably already said too much, but it’s a great comic which I think you’d really enjoy.

What am I watching?

Right now I am re watching The Big Bang Theory, because it is one of my favourite shows, and it is just so funny.  My favourite series are the earlier ones, because they were just so fun and fresh.  I like this show a lot, because it has intelligent characters, who like to do projects together, as well as have fun together.  There is always some laughter going on.

You can watch this on tv, or you can buy the series on Amazon, or in probably and DVD shop.


What am I snacking on?

If you know me well, you know I like to keep snacks around, because I am sane.  Only crazy people don’t plan ahead.  So, right now, I’m snacking on vegan chocolate crispy cakes!  I made them myself, and they are super nice.

(this isn’t them, I got this pic of the internet.  I don’t have a camera right now.) But mine look just like that.  They are made from Moo Free, if you’re interested.  That you can buy in most any place, Waitrose, Holland and Barratt, Or Holland and Barrett, or an independent speciality food store, or health store.  Just look around 😉




Some people

Here is a poem I made out of some pieces of writing which I did after a strange conversation!  All of the links are to different recipes and blogs which I like, complete lucky dip, just pick one, and try it!  Most of them lead to either vegan cakes, cookies, several lead to donuts, and a few lead to vegan burgers!

I think you will probably want to open the links in a new tab, so that you can peruse them all.


Some people are

and that is true.

I am me, and you are you,

but you’re crazy, and it’s.

Dear Sandy,

didn’t want

you should


nobody sang out

So perhaps,

you should try to stop eating the death on your plate,

and you might feel a lot better.

It’s not my fault

you started a conversation you didn’t want to have.

Follow the love xxxx

tell you why,

was why?

So I can understand your confusion, 

you should probably take a vacation.



Typewriter spies


I’m very into mystery stories right now – Violet has got me into them, with her sister’s mystery story, all conspiracy theories and what not, written with a typewriter on pieces of paper.  It’s got a hustle and bustle of a Sherlock Holmes story, although nobody’s dead yet.  And it’s really funny.  So, I’m in the mood for a montage!




Love is the sweetest thing.
Love never comes just when you think it will.
Love is the way we feel for you.
We’re family, we’re family, we’re family,
All of us and you!

Love is the strangest thing.
Love does exactly what it wants to do.
Love, boy, you know it’s true.
We’re family, we’re family, we’re family, me and you!

Love is the sweetest thing.
Love does exactly what it wants to do.
Love is the way we feel for you.
We’re family, we’re family, we’re family, me and you!

These are our favourite parts of a song called Family, by Randy Newman.  It’s from James and the Giant Peach, and Randy Newman did songs for Toy Story too.


Apple core

Life is exhausting.

It just isn’t what you expect it to be.

And there is no way to

prepare yourself for it.


You just have to jump in,

head first, or you get pushed in,

is probably the more accurate reality of it all.


I feel like All of the ideas and preconceptions about everything

have been swept away by the wind and the water,

and what is left over is what life is.

You’re treading water, just to stay alive.

I guess sometimes you could float on your back.


So what do you do?

You can only just focus on the things you can get that you want.

Scrape together those moments of beautiful perfection and nothingness,

and revel in them.

Sing it again, my dear

One more time, loud as you can, how does it go?

I have no prospects.  What does that even mean?  I’ve decided to be cheerful about it.

I had no prospects when I was ten, and it didn’t bother me.  I had a skateboard and a doll house, and some pens and pencils and toy cars, and that was plenty.


So, just kiss and be happy, is what I say.


Go ride your bike, or have a laugh with your friend,

Lillypad leap wps

Or eat some chocolate or some cake,


Or read a book, alone or with a friend,


Just remember to have fun.  Prospects don’t matter if you live in the present.


 This is a post I wrote before, and I am putting it here now, again, for fun.  I liked it the first time, and I like it now.