That’s it

No more bad news,

We quit that bit.

You can take it,

because that’s it.

No more, all we want

to do now is hug and kiss

and smile and laugh

and look and paint

and draw and eat

and read and love

and kiss and smile some more.

tumblr_miv4oaNyBB1qe85ojo1_500 A-Grand-Day-Out-wallace-and-gromit-343134_500_375 Lillypad leap wps The-Bigger-Picture lukestedman_deadbeats_poster am perspectives preeningswan Samantha French The Edge Stripes tumblr_lmbbwkkd3v1qz7snso1_500 Melinda Santora Summer Solstace PeaMushroomMintFlan-0215_thumb greg-germann-peter-macnicol-ally-mcbeal-dvdbash-3 e-sagauro-national-park_2 La maison de la plage from lafilleamericaine wps 8b14a5cc248df875_shutterstock_135468488.jpg.xxxlarge still life of cereals with strawberries in bowl cat-girl-Live-a-Little-Love-A-Lot1 victorian photography girl 157605980 image 3483006567_c2feec42fc 51kpmBLt2lL._SX940_ In-Bed-The-Kiss T Lautrec 8_facts_about_kissing_match_me_happy kisss6 the_kiss_by_carroth Robert Doisneau Historic-Kiss-in-Times-Square the-kiss-photo-by-alfred-eisenstaedt-1945 Screenshot 2015-02-23 at 10.53.06 ciao


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